Re: Frustrated,crabby,on crutches and NOT having a good day,week...month...summer!Argh...

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Posted by Marian on June 26, 1998 at 23:39:24:

I can surely relate, and I'm not on crutches, although I could use them... I've had PF for about a month and a half now. Did your problem come on suddenly? My doctor told me (after a very painful cortisone shot today), that since my PF started suddenly and quickly, he expects it to leave quickly. WHy? i don't know. I didn't stick around to ask questions, I WANTED OUT OF THERE!!!! But, if he's right, maybe it will go away soon.... Again, I know how you feel. I'm going nuts, too. BUt you did help me out - I have an old camry 5-speed w/ 149,000 miles on it. It runs great, so my husband doesn't want me to get a new car.... but driving really is painful.... and my husband surely won't find the time to drive our kid around to all his activities.....

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