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Original Powerstep This is the older version of the Pinnacle above.  It's has the exact same arch support, but thinner cushioning for tight-fitting shoes.  The heelspurs.com insole below has better customer reviews.

164 Reviews 4.3 Stars

$30 Order     Details

Pinnacle Orthotic This is currently our highest rated and best-selling item for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.  Similar to the newer Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic, but it does not have the medial post to prevent pronation.  Money-back Guarantee

308 Reviews 4.5 Stars

$34.15 Order   Details

Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic This has the highest available arch support without a prescription, and includes a medial post to prevent pronation.  It comes in ten different sizes for a better fit than store-bought inserts.  Better than most $400 orthotics.  Money-back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

$37 Order   Details

Pinnacle Wide-Fit Same as Pinnacle PowerStep, but wider. Meant for widths 3E to 6E.

308 Reviews 4.5 Stars

$36 Order   Details

Slimech 3/4 Length Insoles This is not as long as the others in order to fit better in dress shoes and tight boots.

60 Reviews 4.3 Stars

$30 Order     Details

Recommended Night Splint
This night splint receives the highest customer reviews and it's the least expensive.  We used to carry several night splints, but the reviews for this one are so much better, we stopped carrying the others.  If all 3 of the following applies, a night splint may help:
1) diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or heel spur
2) more heel pain with the first steps in the morning
3) calf muscle stretching against a wall has not helped enough

228 Reviews 4.1 Stars

  $42 Order     Details

Stretch Cord A popular stretching device to be used in place of a towel.
41 Reviews 4.2 Stars

$25 Order     Details

Athletic Tape When applied correctly, athletic tape can cure serious cases of plantar fasciitis by giving the plantar fascia protection and rest when walking. This is 2" wide instead of the regular 1.5" wide for easier application.  See our document on how to tape.
95 Reviews 4.1 Stars

$6 Order     Details

CryoSphere provides heat or cold therapy.
39 Reviews 3.7 Stars

$20 Order     Details

Plantar Fasciitis Video This gets high reviews. Click on the link to see portions of the video. 2-hour DVD video.
12 Reviews 4.8 Stars

$20 Order     Details

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