alex's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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continuing chinese medicine/acupuncture saga
underlying causes of PF
underlying causes of PF
more on acupuncture
Re: to becky
PF in china
Also for John
To Chris
acupuncture and other update
Home in Atlanta, but work overseas
Lipoma(fatty tumor) of plantar fascia
First step right foot - PF in left foot
re: my plantar facitis experience
To John and Yoko
ESWT for insertional AT
Richard C. Instaprint footbed casting ??
swelling on my right foot
Post Treatment Protocol
Try this one more time :)
Pain after standing for long periods
Custom orthodics... which shoes to use?
Have to quit job to heal PF?
pain in toe
possible ingrone toenail
4 yrs of Plantar Fasciitis
subtalar fusion
Z-coil for me?