amberk's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Night Splint
Night Splint
ART---Am I getting ripped off
do i have to wear orhotics
Question for Scott
Julie's Yoga
Heel Raises and Toe Raises
should foot be flexed when taping
Can't even pick up marble with toe
Bikram Yoga
The Heel Pain R.E.S.C.U.E. Programô Video
Seeing Dr. Scap( For Dr. Sanfilipo)
Interesting article on treatment of P.F.
Forefoot supination
Knot in bottom of foot along fascia
Lots of scar tissue
Deep Tissue Massage
Tinel Test
Rowing Machine (To David)
Plantar fasciitis (exactly what is it???)
Plantar fasciitis or Plantar fasciosos
Graston Technique (To David W. and Beck)
Collagen being laid down the wrong way.
Graston and Anti-inflammatories
Question about Graston
Foot Trainer (To Dr. Zuckerman)
Anybody use the footrainer
Foot is longer after pregnancy
fibrotic lesions
MRI Results
SA, how are you doing?
Plantar fasciitis cause fibromas
Dr. Kiper Orthotics
Mild Swollen ankles
Swollen Ankles
Don't have what is it??
Don't have what is it??
NOrmal ultarsound...can i still have pf
David W. ...Could it be trapped nerve
Does arthritis show in mri
Weak foot muscles
Soft tissue problem (Dr. Wander or Zuckerman)
Confused about what LED does..
Could hyperextended knee cause pf?
Hyperextended Knee
Post tibial tendonitis
Posterior Tibial tendonitis
Never got an answer for this one....
Interested in getting LED
Exercise for Fallen Arches
Exercise for Fallen Arches
Shin Splints
Instability of the First Ray???
Navicular bone sticks out
Just had RSWT
Post Tibial
Pulling sensation in arch (Dr. Wander)
Results seen after RSWT
To Dr. Z (Shockwave)
Dr. Z. (Shockwave)
Plantar Fibroma and ART/Graston
Yoga DVD
Hot Feet
Getting pregnant with pf
My navicular bone is shifting
Can a shoe be like an orthotic?
Kidner procedure
Just came across this...(Dr. Wander)
Knotted Muscle
Pregnant with PF
Itchy Arch