andrue's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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PF or not PF
Wow - ice works!
Found a 'proper' podiatrist in the UK
Should I walk or rest
Not convinced about Ibuprofen gel
Choosing a shoe
Could I also have post. tib. tendonitis?
How much exercise is good?
Interesting information on Myofascial whatsit
Elastic support stocking - a good idea?
Correct foot 'posture' while walking/standing
New pain - sensitive to pressure
A note on my progress
Why pain when resting?
Change in symptoms - still PF?
This /must/ be a good sign
A minor (I hope) setback
Odd Birkenstock sizes
Location of new pain - tendon or Fascia?
Is this a good stretch
Shop recommendation (UK) and new shoe
Plantar Fasciitis or Plantar Tendinosis?
Sharp pain in arch..again
Can arch support cause problems?
Something embedded in front of heel?
Result of visit to ortho. surgeon.
Increasing shoe sensitivity
Recovery is possible...
SDOs - six month update
Swelling below inside bump of ankle