beverly's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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On a cloud ... My Good News!
Can you have nerve entrapment but not TTS?
I need your shock size or shoe size.
MY First Good Day
What about cortizone pills?
Dr Z: My socks arrived. Thanks!
Kim, how are you doing?
I finally hit paydirt! Don't give up.
Nancy, how are you doing today?
Re: Southwest/Attention: Kim
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Re: John, very funny. It's working now.
Saw doctor today...Added to my treatment...
Answering Judy's S. post... How I'm doing.
Fitted for new orthodics today. Question.
Deep Pain moving farther up leg... Spookey
PF better. Tendonitis still BAD, BAD
To Barbara TX/Reply
Nancy, Have a great trip.
Shots over/Not as bad as I thought...
3 days later: No improvement since shots.
Orthodics delimma/Need direction
Frustrating visit to doctor but getting MRI
When are you NOT a canidate for EWST?
Thoro socks now come in winter colors!
Has anyone tried a tens unit?
MRI back... Just shows inflammation
P.W. Minor Fitting Question...
Was fitted for new orthodics today
How to find a good pod in new city?
Orbason vs. Ossatron question
Diane: Did you do the EWST in Texas?
HELP! What was the site for 3-legged stool?
Excellent newspaper story on EWST
Very interesting newspaper article on EWST
My research on TX docs doing EWST
For TXBarb
Can the middle toes develop bunions?
It's Dr. Z's birthday!!!!
Can PF and achilles be zapped at same time?
Need advice on ankle brace
New doctor/More aggressive treatment
Considering trying cortisone again. Question.
Question about Drew shoes
Wrist problems keeping me off board
Was this wrong? Put in foam box standing up.
How I'm doing and a new/promising shoe
Shoe queen finds another gem: Dr. Zen shoe
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Relaspe/Question for doctor
To Nancy S. on your shoulder
Help!!! Did I ruin these shoes?
Has this happened to anyone else?
Me, Food, and Pain... new idea
When is it time to build up the arch?
Lump under skin on ankle
Achilles Tendonitis question
Relaspses are a drag! Bored. Bored. Bored...
Question for doctor Z.
I'm making Christmas easy.
despite good plans... Christmas did me in!
Killer Migraine sends me to ER.
Question for Matt
What is this?
Doc question: Longterm use of ankle brace?
Hi! Checking in....
heel spur
Birkenstock shoes
Birkenstock web page
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