carolecinnola's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Tammie, I did the circles on the foot diagram
Valentines and Presidents Day Holiday weekend
unbelievable skating outcome!
Question for Wendy (wendyn)
Dr. Scholls - - Suzanne, this might work
OK, True Confessions time..... (grin)
The deep blue sea.....
Back early from the sea
An act of bravery or foolishness
Heart fears
Good Morning!
New Balance, changing shoes now and then
Stretching at bedtime
Snake Lady
Differences in gait when fresh and when tired
NB 991's ("Imelda strikes again")
Florida vacation
Buying a house (off topic, no feet in here!)
Monday smiles and chit-chat
Today's the day!
How soon should running shoes be replaced?
Something to look out for, just in case
Good morning!
At Last
Mowing with PF
Moon Pies
Thanksgiving thoughts
Happy Thanksgiving!
Cold weather
What an election!
My favorite Christmas present this year
New Years Eve in New Orleans
getting old? bursitis?
brrrr again
Has the North Pole shifted?
Antique refinishing (?)
Terrorism preparations?
Bring on the terrorists...
Weight Watchers
Exercise bike
Judy says "Hi, everybody!"
Ignoring the trolls
OK, ladies.....
Good News about Bob! :)
a/c hints?
Only people here would understand
Just for Feet getting really bad?
Decorating fun (in a teeny sort of way)
Great weather, sore feet, whine but no cheese
My lucky day
hmm, can't post on the social board
Found a good map of fire locations
A secret pleasure
Chicken soup
Round three with the exercise bike
Dream come true... so far!
Sofa Girl Progress Reports
Sofa Girl #2 whining
Sofa Girls #4 and #5
thought of you all yesterday!
Picture for Suzanne (and others)
Warm Up and Cool Down
some e-mails I sent to several of you
Not so brave
Journey to the New Orleans area