carynz's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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searching for real diagnosis with foot pain
triple postings sorry!
anesthetic "block" injection?
peripheal nerve block injections
To Ed Davis - can you assist please
okay you guys, ...what is a moon pie?
to Des L. re Val's email for neuropathy info.
tammie**computer troubles must be catching
about the CHINOOK
Kari B - good luck for surgery tomorrow
wendyn - look for my email to you at home
necee.. re your show tickets for christmas
2 major blows this weekend canada and usa
marty, how;s it going
just a little chuckle eh!
RSD Sufferers (and others) read this...
RSD sufferers read on...
On A Lighter Note (no war talk here)
To Necee about your Alaska Cruise
to Dr.Ed re your whistler weekend