chrisb's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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new meds- Celebrex and Ultram
Birk website
More than coincidence
More than coincidence II
German ordered Birks
Mail-order birks
Great Vacation
Sonorex treatment in Vancouver
thinking surgery
cortisone injections
RSD again
RSD- nerve block
icing foot with RSD
ESWT with PF or nerve involvement?
Can MRI diagnose PF or nerve?
night splint alternative suggestion
entrapment neuropathy and PF
nerve entrap injection-odd result
cortisone diagnostic question
MRI vs ultrasound
Going for ESWT-need advice
Therapy during post-ESWT healing?
When will I be able to run?
When will I be able to run?
MRI to diagnose nerve entrap?
ESWT healing screwed up?
Neurontin patch
Night splint & Morton's neuroma
ankle movement
crutches or walker?
message to terry d
ice after surgery
surgery Thursday
3 days post-surgery
1 week post-op
ways to reduce swelling?
How to reduce post-surgery swelling?
Elaine - your exercises
Four weeks post-surgery
Winter/Spring surgeries
same as before surgery
deep massage & TFM
Foot Trainers users ahoy!
to Robert B
Dr Ed or Richard-leg brace?
anyone tried the AirHeel?
Terri - how did the Baxter's op go?
how does cryo inject the right spot?
Docs -new pain in my good foot - need advice
new pain in good foot - scared - help?
Dr Z - help?