davidb's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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electricity treament
breaking in orthotics
ankle brace
arch sleeve
Personal Foot Trainers
enough is enough
orthotics and sore feet
famous plantar faciitis
stiff soles
What do I do?
shock wave therpy
heel pain
more detail about my heel pain
Deep massage does it work?
saw dr today-update
cost of ESWT
questions about having your PF released...
going for 2nd treatment tues
ESWT 2nd procedure done sept 30
How much Vitamen C is recommened?
How long before I see results from ESWT?
Can I have A.R.T. after shock wave treatment
Which orthontic is the best?
should I do stretching exercises after ESWT?
Talk to my doctors office today.......
advice please, should I find a new dr?
?'s about a surgery off for 2 weeks??
Going for 1st A.R.T. treatment today
A.R.T. what it is.....
A.R.T. heal pain still hurts
EDF surgery
ART worked for me
Recovery from Surgery
Hot weather and TTS
Pain post TTS surgery - Dr Ed please
Compartment Syndrome/TTS
TTS post surgery