denise's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Shoes - iseads and questions
spontaneous cure = shoes
my advice ...its the shoes
Having NEW EPF Surgery Next Week
Re: Surgery (I had the same surgery too!)
Re: Dr. Appt. Tommorow too.
Terrible pain in heel and arch since surgery
Pain Post-op EPF
New PF sufferer ... Help!
New Balance Shoes
First Time Physical Therapy
Alternative Healing-Herbs etc, any thoughts??
Talus Bone Fracture
Dr-a little advice would be great
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery 5 months ago
need TTS surgery
Will ESWT work for me?
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To All of You, My Cyber Friends
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Married Life
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Keith Olbermann - Special Comment (05/23/07)
Message From The White Horse Souse
Toe question????
10 Myths About Canadian Health Care, Busted
Plantar Fibromas on BOTH feet
TT surgery complicaton
TT surgey ..upset