dfeet's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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PF and TTS, sciatic connecion
Orthotics: cause of TTS?
Follow up visit
today's orthopod visit.........please help
To Johnh; re: orthopod's visit
to LaurieR: Re: orthopod
to Lorie R, RE: orthopod's visit PF-->TTS?
Not "dfeeted" just a little cranky
to alan k: nightsplints
to john h; What's a TENS
support stockings
Dissed by my PT?? or just booked(sorry-long)
Re: TTS and exercise
Two for two
New message board: an improvement???????
My follow-up to PTvisit-dissed or paranoid?
Re: More on TTS-testing - and note to wendyn
Hot legs
tts,emg, hi! busy busy busy(long)
MIA- Healing(long)
to salina-sorry about the delay in response!
Thanks Dr. Z- TTS etc.
MIA- TTS and all that stuff-P.S. Wendyn
dfeet,ie, two of them-not defeated
I have one for you--Weak feet??!!!!!!