dthomas's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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PF advice (warning - long)
Ortthotics Question
ESWT question
Thanks everyone!
Dr. Z
Searching for a new doc
Life with PF
I'm still here...
One more doctor bites the dust.....
Just a little confused about high arches...
Just got the new ice pack from Scott
Foot question
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Hersey Shoes
Cherry Concentrate Update
Dr. Ed
Feet Vibrating
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Orthotics Question Again
New Plan
Quick question about nerves?
New PT tool for PF massage
Compression alternatives?
Ah, PF will it ever end.......
Question about use of night splints
Dr. Ed
Calling Dr. Ed........
Dr. Ed
Dr. Ed
Taking the next step....Gastroc Lengthen
New 5% Club
Foot orthotic franchises?
Dr. A?
Leukotape (John H or Julie)
Letter from GI in Iraq
Political Compass
Full time on the feet
Thanks John...Pup Pictures
Calling Dr. Ed