elizabeth's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Re: Same shoes until this spring.
Please help my mother
heel pain/stress fracture
Where are the success stories ?
Still looking for success stories
Ironman bound
Birth-control pills and surgery
PF pain unable to sleep
my husband's heel pain
How long for recovery?
1/3 of Fascia Released
Open partial plantar fascia release
Open partial plantar fascia release
Lateral Heel
New Balance Motion Control Running Shoes
Exercise DVD's
What is considered a successful outcome ?
Foot Reconstruction Surgery for TTS
Anodyne Therapy for TTS symptoms
TTS Disappears w/Surgery Then Returns
Scar Tissue Massage Preventing TTS Returning
To Arty
TTS not the only Type of Nerve Entrapment
Baxter's Nerve Entrapment
Transdermal Verapamil 15%
How many Cortisone Shots Per Year are Safe ?
Verapamil 15% and Scar Tissue
I ordered Verapamil 15%- Any Precautions ??
A neuroma on the heel/arch
Could Scar tissue really be a Neuroma?
Scar tissue with Neuroma type symptoms
To Sandy g
To DavidB about foot tightness after TTS
To Dr. Rob
Injectable Solutions for Scar Tissue??
Max # of Cortisone shots per Lifetime
Lasers for Scar Tissue
Dr. Baxter in Houston, TX
Anyone live in Houston, TX ?
Lump on plantar fascia after PF release
Itchy foot 7 months after TTS and PF release
Different types of Shockwave
New Topaz procedure for PF
Dr. Z or Dr. Wander
More information on Topaz for PF
More info on new Topaz procedure for PF
To Mike D.
To Dr. Z about Shockwave
Compounded cream for Pain/Dr. Z or Dr. Wander
To Mike D
Lamictal for nerve pain issues
Has anyone tried Walkfit inserts?
Can ART help TTS? Is it covered by insurance?
Pressure on back of thigh make feet throb
Question for Dr. Pearl
Scar tissue after PF release
long term heel pain