elliott's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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anyone try PT for sciatica and had sucess?
Birkenstock Kentucky: high arch or low arch?
anyone try lemon juice for TTS?
Qs for Dr. Z on ESWT
break-in period for second pair of Birks?
Dr. Z, ever heard of IDET?
therapeutic cloning
Celestial Seasons Tension Tamer Tea
I saw Dr. Zuckerman yesterday!
answer to Carmen H
PF ---> TTS mapping theorem?
pain in ball joint and going up
test (nm)
Beverly: PTTD stages
ESWT: lis, are you there?
anyone wear a walking cast post-EPF?
anyone ever considered suing their surgeon?
"hey mac, this ain't no li-berry!"
in defense of BG CPed
to Scott R and Nancy N (exercise ball)
has either of these ever happened to you?
Q esp for docs re: TTS and irritating shoes
maybe it's the shoes, not the orthotics
uh, docs, about that 90% figure
a stretch possibly curing PF
I had ART
a word about finding the right orthotics
"you're so vein"
possibly free ESWT!!!!
article in today's Baltimore Sun on PF
I could just cry
Dornier Epos study (cont.): calling Dr. Z
are orthotics waterproof?
insurance costs: let's talk about it
from today's USA Today
mystery clogs revealed!
time till walking post-TTS release
yoga for the morbidly obese
interesting article on ESWT
update on Bastad clogs
the 6-month surgical guideline
to Suzanne D & other teachers
want a new pair of legs?
triple taping: it worked for BrianG!
my thoughts on the JAMA study
Trish S
the big "O"
FDA on the ropes: is it gatekeeper or jailer?
the entire JAMA article is online!!
with all this talk about food...
Suzanne D cannot give a pop quiz!!!
severe effects before it rains
Q re: stress fracture
an ESWT study on runners!!
Pauline, have you seen this?
TTS surgical outcomes
Rompe's article on ESWT for runners
PF: right acronym, wrong name?
more details on running and ESWT
Henry C, how are you doing? (nm)
question for Dr. J. Rompe
nancy.s: sciatica
to Scott R or is it ScottR
Ossatron vs. Dornier, part 1
Ossatron vs. Dornier, part 1
Julie: need a yoga mat
Ossatron vs. Dornier, part 3
take a look at this
trying new orthotics
trying new orthotics
65% = 0%
please recuse, er, excuse me for this post
orthotics and surgery questions
Question for Dr. Z
fascinating New York Times article
94% = 25%, revisited
it's been a while
Albert Pujols had ESWT!
forget the crutches, get a roll-a-bout
screw this!
question regarding appropriateness of ESWT
question for Dr. Wishnie
Q for Richard, C.Ped
an alternative view of ESWT
minimally-invasive treatment for sciatica
cryosurgery revisited
RSD question
has anyone tried Spira shoes?
and then there was one
Wanna hide your age? Forget it.
ESWT success stories
recent meta-analysis on ESWT
not exactly the riddle of the Sphinx