fernando's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Prolotherapy, has anyone heard about this??
Prolotherapy, has anyone heard about this??
to Ron..
Dr Ed Davis.....specialist for TTS surgery
Dr Ed......false negative EMG ?
DR Z.....spur removed..
question to Richard C. Ped
Dr z....back pain and PF
thanks Richard
to richard - accredited facilities??
to RobertCarol
Robert Carol.....finally saw Jeff Rich...
Dr Z, is EWST right for me ?
Richard C.....pain breaking in orthotics
question to Robert J Sanfilippo
To Dr. Goldstein - cryosurgery
Any Doctor ....4% alcohol injections.
Dr. Goldstein.
to elvis ...
richard c
Dr Goldstein
Richard C. _ orthotic modification
Dr Ed Davis - alternatives for neurontin
Dr Sanfilippo - leg length discrepancy
Dr. Goldstein
Any Doctor please... powerstep vs superfeet
ART treatment update