ginac's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Inflammation process
thanks for clarification
Stretching post ESWT
Watch the Walks!
Ossatron Post-Treatment Paranoia
Ultram dosage
one-week ossatron follow-up advice
3 Weeks Post Ossatron
Congrats on new baby, Nicole! eom
4 Weeks Post-Ossatron
trying to be cautious-not always succeeding!
5 Weeks Post-Ossatron
6 Weeks Post-Ossatron
7 Weeks Post Ossatron
forgot to add!
baby's destiny
dr. contact
9 Weeks Post-Ossatron
12- week mark
change in pain
11 weeks post ossatron
tarsal tunnel release and other surgery?
Had surgery on 3/15/01
what determines post-op instructions?
Two Weeks Post Op Update
Post-Op Tip for Partial Weightbearing
3 weeks post-op
5 weeks post op
8 weeks post op
10 weeks post-op/Surprise!!!
Biking and tarsal tunnel
Best Day Yet - 14 weeks post-op
cramps in back of ankle