gordon's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Foot wear tricks
Aerobic activity for Helene
Re: Advice to Bill
Wetsuit in the shower
Aw shucks, golly gee
Lyndel, I'm interested in your progress
Hiar Toxcicity
Scott, a new survery?
Lyndel try Driving Barefoot
Tell us more Shugga.
One of the best medicines
Tell us more!
Repost of what worked for me.
for Alicia?
Another angle
Response for Lyndel
May be the right track for some
I've got two
Would like to share info, here's a repost
Burning esophagus
Might try this later
Alicia, Did you have burning in your feet?
Lisa, PF problem solving group?
Finding Doc
Lisa, back to you
A suggestion
The suggestion below is for Lisa
Leaky Gut
Sticking to a healthy diet.
Lisa, I asked for a referral from my doc
Lisa and Alicia, it seems to be working
Over Stretching can make it worse.
Lisa and Alicia, progress report
Great Smokies Web Site
Is this the same Alicia?
Why I'm sure
No known cure is what you mean
Yes, I am doing something similar to Atkins
Rules and ideas for our study.
Another thing
Scott, what do you think?
Alicia, why do you think you went backwards?
Inflamation and diet
Yes, and it was very painful
Where to place pads
Thank you, sounds interesting.
Workingi n booth vs walking .
Study form comments
A thought
Sara. You may be right. I may be crazy.
Low carb (no simple carb) study
Not all PF sufferers need to loose weight
My ears ring when I have stress
I stayed off my feet for 2 months 3 years ago
Chinese traditional medicine
how do you find out if you have it?
Love to hear your opinions Robin, keep it up!
Alan K, General stuff
Thanks Alan, your program sounds impressive
I think you both are right
Support Group in Seattle......
No way!
I tried it for two months in a wheel chair.
Signing off
The best execise for me
Robin KEEP POSTING and theory number 256
Robin, KEEP POSTING and theory number 256
Raw sugar
Under the Arch Foot pain