hilaryg's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Pain after my first ART session
Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?
Has anyone had surgery for flat feet?
Where can I find SAS shoes?
TTS of PF? I'm not sure
Has anyone tried Apex shoes?
TTS or PF??
NCV Test
Question about ART
Lowa, Columbia, Theresia shoes
Change in symptoms
Active Release for TTS?
Active Release for TTS?
Physical Therapy
Cortisone shot fot TTS
Active Release works!!!
UCBL orthotics
Too much stretching
Does anyone feel UCBLs helped with PF?
Ecco Receptor Shoes
Doctor Ratings
Am I a Candidate for EWST?
Cured after 20 yrs with PF
BirkoBalance and BirkoMotion inserts
To Aly
ESWT Question for Dr.Z
Bilateral Neuroma Surgery ?
Elvis's ART Progress
Question for Dr.Rob
Active Release Techniques
Has anyone tried Keen shoes?
Has anyone tried Heelies?
Can Cryo make it worse?
Scott R
PF as an Autoimmune Disease/ Arthritis
Cryo for Arch Pain?
Cryosurgery for Atypical PF-- Is it possible?
How's Monte?
Cold Laser Therapy
Can cold laser therapy be hurting me?
I am finally out of pain!!!
Stem Cells for PF