jamese's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

Home The Book Articles Products Message Boards Journal Articles Search Our Surveys Surgery Find Good Drs video i need help, i dunno what to do.
another question, cortizone shot
mri results
the day is tomorrow
the end of the road
i feel good today, strange
omg, again and again and again
hm, maybe 1 more shot?
spasmless sunday?
wish'd i had a pff(pain free friday)
last night was rough
another insomniacs rant
lyrica question
update (today was a good day)
think u can bowl good? watch this
other nerve tunnel on inside ankle
is kadian supposed to be strong?
michelle, how u doin hon
hi guys/gals (thought i'd update)
hello again ppls
back question (yes i know, wrong forum)
how was your thanksgiving?
bp update
omg tomorrow is the day
surgery date set!
merry early christmas ppl, and happy new year
seriously dudes, should i seek a shaman?
had my surgery wednesday