jane's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Plantar Fasciitis
Night Splints - how long?
Have you had a cast for PF?
Re: What was this nerve pain like?
Dr. Scholl sandles helped me!
Left Foot
PF in left, Right foot first
Birkenstocks not for me!
850 Cross Trainers
RE: Pain after surgery?
Re: DMSO/MSM/ To: Susan Linden
Reflexology/Massage..Awesome treat
Aerosole Shoes
what about the stepper???
antibiotics and heel pain
electric current in heel
Tarsal tunnel?
N'ice Stretch
Achilles pain
Achilles pain
partial achilles tear
Foot is numb
Injury causing TTS?
Went to see the Dr today
Me the snowboard instructor...again
new balance shoes
do you have pf in one foot or both?
Has anyone ever tried a arthritis creme?
PF and Caffiene
Losing weight..has it really helped?
PF and arthritis
Anyone try these two things?????
Prolo shots?
Brian G....
Dr. John Cozzarelli
yellow toes
Lateral pain post op
Is this possible....
orthodics and NEW sneakers
Omega 3
Pain on the outside of the heel
Wearing a boot
Would wearing a boot help my chronic pf?
what type of anethesia(spelled?)
Is ESWT FDA approved for achilles tendonitis?
Cost of ESWT
how to stretch
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome???
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery on 12/28/05
A better day today
Two weeks after surgery
Duplicate messages
5 weeks - Post op
Is Iontrophoresis painful?
Possible PF? Posible TTS?
How is it possible?
feet pain upon light palpation
Common practice?
Good Outcomes?
MBT shoes
Cryo for tts
Warm sensations, Vascular?
Cryosurgery for plantar fibroma in DC area?