jen's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Surgery consult
surgical consult update
surgery fears
surgery date
Post op Day 1
Post op day 3
Post op day 5
post op tips for comfort
post op day 7
pain with stitches
4 weeks post-op
cast helping
5 weeks post op
burning pain
discouraged/7 weeks post op
2 mos post op/no relief
Please help!!
Orbasone FDA trial
Orbasone FDA trial
Strassburg Sock and heel swelling?
ESWT for PF and thin heel pad?
PF cast on foot
cast getting loose!
new x ray
stepped on cast ouch!!!
week 4 of cast
still in cast
update on foot
A doctor in NYC?
question about foot arch pain
toes leaning in
Ossotron/ ESWT
PF? Tendinitis? TTS?
permanent PF
How do I know if it's getting better?
Dr. Goldstein question about cryo
plantar fasciosis???
First Art treatment...
back/heel pain
Dr. Rob? First ART treatment
myspace anyone?
After reading this, I'm scared of surgery!!!
Anyone has ESWT after plantar fasciotomy?
Scared of Surgery
Broke my Talus bone in left and right foot
Brooks Addiction