kay's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Pain in the ankle
flooring for sore feet
plantar fasciitis surgery
all bad news???????
cam walker?
nerve surgery
some of you ask.....& thanks
i am back from the docs
nancy re:fibromyalgia
question for a doctor
surgery scheduled
any who had surgery
9 days post op.
i fell
7 weeks post op.
question about recovery
having a bad day
in a prior post
augmented soft tissue mobilization
another question
question about taping
ok this is what the doc said.
scar tissue
lumbar sympathetic
scar tissue
neurontin cream??????
Steroid injection in scar-DOCTORS
Question for Doctor or others
please answer today if possible.
I went to see my doctor
Bev & Sharon FCE
Surgery 14 month ago
Sharon W
Finally pain relief!
Question for Docs
Re: color of foot
Im terrified!!!!!!!
Im terrified!!!!!!!
Brenda S.
strengthening the muscles in the feet?
what is cryosurgical treatment
atypical vs insertional
cure for tarsal tunnel?????
platelet injection treatment
Plantar Fasciitis
Bunion Surgery