kconnell's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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poditrist or orthopedist
Alternatives to surgery
Average Healing Time
Recovery time
loss of balance/ radiating pain
Spreading pain
inability to open tap4TTS.co.uk
neuropathy-where does it come from?
Dr. Z please help
Drs help subacious cyst?
pain associated with steroid sensitivity?
Is anyone taking amatriptaline?
Drs. What is ART?
Why is the nerve pain increasing?
Drs. surgical clips in brain/ MRI
Loss of balance Drs
Getting H.M.O. approval
Drs. HELP nerve regeneration?
DRS. rapid deterioration
Neurologist sending records to neurosurgeon
DRs. help,nerves gone wild.
Judy in PA. Hi from KConnell
Travel and tts any suggestions?
Does anyone wear an air cast
Still in a holding pattern-insurance
Leaving tomorrow-hope you all keep the faith.
Insurance- refused to pay for surgery.
Drs. Help Surgery-DR. Covered-not facility
DRS. Help, at w ts end
Drs. I need your advice-surgery!!!!
Balance is failing
Pain-relapse / possibly due to travel
DRS. pain and travel
Myelogram results
DR. Goldstein- How are you doing?
Girls- your oppinions please
Attention: Scott Roberts-our moderator.
The weather is beautiful, and life is good.
New pain different foot.
Annm how are you doing?
backpain and tts how many of you have it?
Just curious-can I ask you all your ages.
Dr. Goldstein-tts surgery
Social/Support board?
Pain and the weather.
New pain, I think my tts is getting worse.
Muf how are you doing?
Marie, heres one for you!!!
Where is everyone
surgery questions!Muf how you doing?
Drs Wander, Goldstein, et. al preop prep
What never was targeted in your release?
tts nerve focus-Dr.Goldstein et.al.
Does anyone have S.A.D?
Wondering where you all live?
Night eagle how are you doing?
Maria M. How are you doing?
How long were your stitches in?
x-mas shopping
Post op. appt. today.
Surgery nerves-34 hours.
Surgery in the past now. kconnell
Post-op report
Drainage from surgical incision