kimb's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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"Soaks Away Foot Misery"...
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Lyme Disease
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Re: I have my suspessions about this too.
Shower shoes
Scott, I hate to be a whinner...
Shoe, shoes, ouch, ouch
Odds and ends :-)
Re: Hi Gang, Sorry I've been absent.
How many here have stomach problems?
PF Friendly Careers
Has anyone tried these products??
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Re: Dr. Z. Cyro-Cuff? Please elaborate.
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I used, They are Fabulous!!
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Good article at intelihealth re: PF
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Night Split question
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computer is sick
Hi, I'm (kind of) back with ya
Heel Huggers product review
TTS, Massage, and Chiropractic
Scott, Technical difficulty...
Scott, (me) whineeeeeee!
Scott, refresh my memory ...
Oddly, old efforts have new possibillites
Scott: re: The Heel Hugger
SPA by Easy Spirit
Nancy, and others, using crutches
Shower Seats may be of help to some folks
Easy Sprit "SPA" shoes
Methadone for PF??
What is CTS??
Shoes! - - WOW!
I'm doing better, from head to toe
The Wright Sock is the Right Sock
What about ESWT for Bursitis?
Considering ESWT
silicone injections
running a marathon???
takin lyrica for tarsal tunnel is this right
can cryo cause nerve damage
Treatment options for foot injury