kris's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Debbie, I have a cast on right now......
About my cast......
About your surgery...can you explain?
I agree, EPF surgery is not a good option...
I had the same problem too for 2-3 days!!
How do I perform a search on this site??
Lisa: MSM is Methylsulfonylmethane....
Fred: No message, just thanks for the info :)
I had a cast...
Left foot Is worse
Left foot Right handed
To Jean
What my ortho Dr. just told me, re: my PF
about the cream
about the Ossotron
Hello I may be a sufferer of PF
What about Prolotherapy?
Muscle biopsy? - doctor said it was NOT tts
Everything tunnel
SO much better now!
simple question for the doc
Question for the doc
foot pain severe after a bit of rest
foot pain severe after a bit of rest
Crocs / WalMart shoes
Question for the docs about cyrosurgery
Do you ever do anything stupid and regret it?
When will the post surgery pain go away!
Is bilateral TTS rare?
anodyne therapy
Allergic to shoes now!
What's the normal recovery time?
Surgery coming up - but no date yet
1 day post op here
No stamina after surgery
What does the healing feel like?
Post Op Question about lower calves
scar itching- how to deal with?
REALLY Weird feelings in foot?
Kris G
Post Surgery Recovery
Tarsal Tunnel Release and Progression After