leem's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Wanda, It's a different Lee !
Bobette, it's a different Lee.
To Jane K
Still on low carbs.....
to Lee H.
What helped the most...
Finding a cure
Re: Fat Fast
To: Sue
To Carol E. Thanks for the page #
To Scott & John
Sue, Andrea, Elise, Wendy/ Re TTS
Low Carbs ?
heel spur pain gone
To Bobette:
Massage Device / Hand Massage / Cure
To: Becky R.
FYI ultrasound
To: Melody
To Marti C
To Kris C.
Checking in...
Re: To Anette
Hi to all..
to :Reka
Walked all over Vegas
To: Allison G
Still pain free...
Still pain free / Massage
Still pain free
Answers to massage questions
My Interesting Case History
Herbal Acid-A-Cal