lindaw's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Compression stockings
Physical Therapy report
twinging since yesterday
another disappointing app.
yet another problem:ugh
Kate; how are you doing?
side effects from cymbalta
Lost my job
update on my therapy
pain behind baby toe
Have a job
Dr. Ed
Scar Drainage, what to do???????????
Neurologist app.
Juleen/Dr. Ed
Kelly L/Monday
additional exercises that can be done
new pain in toes
would like some kind of answer
Happy Thanks-Giving (early)
another added problem
externship for a podiatrist in RI
new pain in ankle area
Kelly L
small lump on the underside of foot
pins and needles
need some happy thoughts
a saint to do a redue
pain on ball of right foot
Kelly L
finally finished school
Kelly L
Kelly L
Kelly L
question for Jeremy L, C Ped??????????
Kelly L