lori's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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terrible pain
Re: stretches..( Air Nike's)
3 weeks after surgery
4 weeks after surgery
Dr. Kavorkian sounds good!
Losing weight
5 weeks and 3 days post surgery
Dress shoe orthodics after surgery
Results of surgery
Unsympathetic husbands
Why neuroma after surgery?
Cortisone Shots-looking back over 10 years
Aloe Vera capsules?
First Accupuncture Treatment
2nd Accupuncture Treatment
Sport Socks with arch support at Walmart
Getting new orthotics
Feet growing/orthotics
Arch support socks and orthotics
Back problems and PF
Dr. in AZ
Walking hard on heels
Arch support socks worn at night
Work shoes
Heel spur surgery recuperation
People w/o PF DON'T understand!
Pain on edge/outside of heel
Different kinds of surgery
Standing after 6 weeks?
Answer for Joan-orthotics paid for
e-mail addresses cause spam
Surgery for spurs and PF
Leave the cups alone
Chiropractic for your feet
Cobbie Cuddlers at K Mart
Burning in AM and late pm
Orthotripsy: what is it?
Pain and accupuncture
Overstretching calf muscles
OssaTron in Santa Fe
Cortisone Injection and menstrual bleeding
SAS and orthotics
Allergic to Ibuprofin
plantar fasciitis following an auto accident
recovering from TTS surgery. :-)
uh-oh is this bad?
Cheilectomy Recovery Time Table?
PF release complication
PF surgery complication
orthotic for cuboid syndrome
immobilize after PF release?
immobilize after PF release?
immobilize after PF release?
tingling in shin
return of TTS symptoms
3 days post op
post op nerve pain
dynasplint for Post-op
5 weeks post op- no change
5 1/2 months post op for Hallux Rigidus