loris's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Icing DOES work
Icing and surgery
Can't live without my orthos!
5 months post surgery
Stretching after surgery
Loss of toe movement from surgery?
Recurrence of PF
Can jobs cause PF?
Hand held massager/magnet/heat
Let's hope for relief!
Pf and ingrown toenails?
Wish I had known!
To Marti C
Surgery seems to be working
Massager at GNC $19.95
Post Surgery pain
Accupunture and pain in wrists
Custom Orthotics
Drs. who have helped us
Surgery is a LAST resort
Don't feel guilty-post!
Pain after surgery
I had the spur removed and 2/3 release
Squeezing the heel
Biting the hand that feeds you...
I have high arches and had surgery
10 months post op
Ladies-Menstrual cycles and PF pain?
100 mg of B-6 a day is OK
Heel spurs vs PF
One year surgery anniversary
chronic plantar fasciitis
What could it be?
Injection reactions..
Keep try'n!
Insurance said no but.... and another ?
Popping noise
is it possible...
First show of the summer
? about casts/casting
Ossatron first week of august Couple ?'s
I have tried and given up on orthotics,,
Questions about after ESTW
some sort of cast or support ?
Una Boots
ESTW 9/29
4 days post ESTW-
8 days and counting.. a ? for others
post ESTW question docs?
Post ESTW - 16 days
30 days post estw
night splints?
post ESWT ramblings..
dr martins (shoes)
6 weeks post eswt
post eswt ?'s - docs
how is everyone, post eswt?
10 weeks post ESWT
Post eswt questions.
what did your heelspurs measure?
Just an update
Still going well......1 1/2 yrs post ESWT