lyndel's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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natural supplements
Be very careful!
Bare Feet
Mail order Birks
Re: Bare Feet (for mary D)
For Susie again!
Got it Susie, check below
More info about "gait" wanted...
no, back to you Susie :-)
Thanks Everyone!
Visit some time!
Hi Jenny
Melody & Jenny
get it checked !
cure is nowhere near!
Side effects from cortizone shots
Tumor info for Sandy in Ohio
Message for Sandy in Ohio
wrapping helps
Message for Pam Bond
Thanks for the info!
Get it checked Flo!
no, you just don't know do you?
For Gordon
Where to buy Shark cartlige
Latest on Vitamin C
Doesn't seem to!
Mary Ann, hows the Vitamin C working?
Good to hear!
Getting on a schedual
Good, I'm not alone! :-)
No luck Mary Ann?
foot roller
Re: foot roller ya but....
laughing feet
no pain tho?
weather also plays a part in my PF
You bet it does!
Insurance B.S.
Bare feet
Exercises works
Don't waist your time with magnetic inserts!
Re: Is it PF? Yep! Just like the rest of us!