mariam's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Super Feet
Dr. Z...while were at it...
Symptoms of Baxter's Nerve Entrapment?
Finally getting some answers
I now belong to the TTS club :-/
Question about medicines
Where is everyone from?
Doctors...TTS and scar tissue?
Question for the ladies
Symptom free days?
TTS and athletes?
Maria's Story
Discovery Health Channel
Very interestinh happenings today...
Went out last night
Taking the next step.
Another sleepless night.
Had steroid injection
Doctors-Another Steroid Injection Question
Just a quick update
The pain is terrible today
Surgery on Monday
He found something!!!!
Had my post-surgery follow up
Bryan W -- Finally updated my story
Second post-surgery follow up
I got the boot on!
judy in PA
I walked!
I am kicking butt!
Back from Surgery #2
This stinks.
Quick Update
Grammatical Question about TTS
I am happy to report...
The day has finally come!
Quick Update: Goodness, I have been so busy!
I have never been this busy in my life...
Another quick update! Hi everyone!
I really need help. Swollen heel.
My doctor is amazing!
I'm home for the summer and healing up!
triple arthrodesis surgery
Hey everyone!
Just in case...
How is everyone doing?
Question about PF release.
Tightness forever?
Hello again!
Thank you