marie's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Why the left foot??
do i have p.f?
Birks on sale link
chat room
aching feet
Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy
RSD - Lumbar Block Status (Chris B.?)
Former PF Release dealing with RSD
Magnesium helps with pain?
Bilateral hallux rigidus
Life Just Isn't
Guidelines for Success
Student Appreciation Week was a hit!
What country(ies) are your ancestors from?
story time
Bob Dole vs BillClinton
Bilateral hallux ridigus
the artist's voice...
Now for some of your favorite ice cream
Light Reading by Jimmy Carter
Hiroshima Peace Museum
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Rachmaninov or Rock and Roll
A gift from a student
Terror Alert Code Red and Schools
Soldiers' Point of View....our allies report
Tight Budgets
The bombing has begun
just having a bad day could use your help
This is not about politics
A funny thing about hawks.
Guidelines for
For Julie
Wish me luck.
First Flowers reporting from northern Indiana
John.... WWII museum
Bilateral hallux rigidus
I have a new job!
Not so political but really American.....
MS walk!!!! :D
Carole and Bananna Trees.
Tonight is the big night on American Idol!
The most requested CD at
TTS and chiropractors
This Old House
Hallux Rigidus
Last day of school! Godbyes are tough
Neurontin Cream...????????
Neurontin cream ??????
Giving credit to Mr. Bush....
Something to ponder.....
Elliott, I have a question?
Love the message of this!
In need of some humor?
ScottR and Dr. Ed
For Ed and Scott
hallux rigidus
Test/Photo from Japan
Test#2/Photo from Japan
Need some advice.....
Happy 4th of July!
Colorado anyone.
Dateline has a segment on at 8:00 tonight.
Update on my brother's retina transplant
Enjoy...the year was 1903
Jaimee Brumbly
I had a bizzare day yesterday.....
garden and outside house shots
We are Siamese if you pleeeeeez......
"Miracle of Magnesium"
Try this Link
New hairdo....
My husband tried to kill me.......
For those who love chocalate.
Photos of house, new haircut, and paintings
Power Outage
Whopper Mushrooms
Photgraphs from weekend hike and.....
Are you up for a "FAIRY TALE"
Princess Diana
How long should I be on Neurontin?
Governor O'Bannon
ZZ Top
Bill Gates message to recent graduates.
What were you doing on Sept. 11, 2001?
More on ZZ Top...the saga continues
Wesley Clark's views on critical issues.
What is your favorite search engine and why?
A nice photo of a beaver....a real one.
More on Wesley Clark
Flash Mobs
Terrarium photos..includes turtles
Photographs from California.......
article about mesothelioma for Sharon
Food, Family and Holiday Traditions
That's fine with me ScottR
Donald O'Connor
Oh hurray! Missed You All!
New feet for Wendy!
Lari & Aly..& other photgraphers
Guidelines for Political site
My first post is for ScottR
Bad day at school...another car accident
Colored pencil sketch
Current Event and Debate site!
Estrogen and nerve cells
.jpeg/Dr. Z
Security Council Report/John
election year talk
Foot Pain
Presenting Josi!
Photography field trip photos...Buffalo!
Rush hour traffic?Not here.........
Why is this board called "Oh Ed?"
update on student
Back to politics...IISP drug approved for Alzheimers
Man found who planted box cutters.
So now what?
Chad how are you doing?
Oh boy...Chain Saw Masacere Number?
Michelle hope all is well with you!
Holidays in mind......
ok it's story time
Depp is named "sexiest man......
I hope this is ok to post. Amberalert
Some new photos to share
Photos of the Museum decked out for Christmas
nancy how is your father doing?
stella how are you?
What are your favorite forums?
small miracles....
PF as a seceret weapon.........
Qustion for Carole of NOLA
For Heather
OK..What ever happened to Melonie?
Heidi's first portrait!
Possible virus and what to do!!!!READ!
for those who are stll in touch with Sharon
Their back..........
Open mouth insert foot.....
Dorothy...stay well! You'll be missed.
Sorry......the real marie
John, How's George?
Getting adjusted to the sun..........
One ugly but patient
Ray Charles will be missed!
Necee how was your trip?
Do you believe in ghosts?
looking for ez one person recipes
My son just met Joe Montana
I hate bats! yyyyyuuuugggghhhhhhhyyyyyyy!!!
Need your help today.....................
Amish Parking Lot Photos
Want to start blogging? Three easy steps!
Neurontin WINS....huge landslide!
Some new paintings and drawings
A Painting A Day Bog
We Support You
Pale Male and Lola are Going Home!
Tsunami Relief Organizations
A couple of funnies
Warning for I.E. users.
New blog project.............
DJ Sammy Remix 9/11
A recap from halftime!
For Judy, what is a blog?
A couple of songs I like
Brown Eyed Girl....Van Morrison
What kind of Dog Are You?
We must be like herding cats.........
iMovie Theatre / The Beatles Directory
Free Photo/Image Hosting Service
For Those with PF
Birth of A Hummingbird
Music Lovers
A Few Beatles videos
Friday Night Beatles Blogging
ScottR question
seeking professional advice
in place of athletic tape????
looking for MORE suggestions--thanks!
best shoes for orthodics
List of Katrina Aid Resources
Dr. Ed your info was right
Theft or Heroism? I say hero!
Carole They are letting folks into your area
Update From Covington VfP
Board Conservatives Question???
update from Friends in NOLA
Recognizing The Right's Efforts on Katrina
just venting
Sis heading to LA
Blast From The Past: A&W drive-in
what to do now?
thanks dr wander
America Thanks Neil Young!
My little Heidi is all grown up now!
Friday Night Cat Blogging on Saturday Morning
walking again
Fall Photos
Todays Pictures
Best Christmas Light Show Ever!!!!
Notre Dame Got A BOWL GAME!!!!!!!!
Emily the Stowaway Cat Home!!!!!!!
Newsweek Article: On Your Toes
Dream Lines - Happens before your eyes
To the ghost
some good news......
NB 992--yikes, my heel REALLY hurts
How do I find the right shoes?
kenalog--how long . . .
The Beatles First American Concert
alternating orthodics
Not Ready To Make Nice
an icing question
Poll for Political Section
Who is your HERO?
Do you think Bush
Tribute thread for our troops
Tribute To Our Troops Continued..........
Well I'll be......
Specter Readies bill to sue Bush.......
Interstate Abortion Bill Passes in Senate.
Do you think Castro is
New Terror Alert System in UK
U.S. Smart Bomb Technology Moved To China
What does this mean?
The greatest threat.
Bush listens to his generals?????
Bush listens to his generals????
What ????
Iranians among Hizbollah combat dead
al-Qaeda at it again!
Obama will if Hillary won't! New Fox Poll up!
REPUBLICAN Sen. Allen uses racial slurs too!
NSA ruling
Video: Neil Young on Steven Colbert
powerstep pro
"Obssession" the movie
H.R. 1020 National Pain Care Policy Act
Katrina timeline
black NB shoes
NB 991 vs 992
Lugar You Radical Rascal
Olberman's Commentary on Rumsfeld
avg life of powersteps
CSNY Kicked!
AOL Sells Clients Search History
Blair Stepping Down
No real signs of ‘Elvis'
Are you following the 06 campaign trail?
Vote Vets: Send them to Congress
5 Years Later There Is No Memorial
Rise Up Together: Musical Politician
So who's next?
Whitehouse Revision Of Terror Provision
Chevez is a fool
Lou Dobbs for President
Who's hot in 06? The race is on!
Is he dead?
Notre Dame WINS!!! Oh yeah!
Harold Ford Junior
Republicans for Strickland!!!!!
The Netroots Hit Their Limits
Giuliani Rips Bill Clinton A New One
How's Katie Couric doing on CBS Evening News?
Global Warming Fact or Fiction?
What is Wrong With This Guy?
Barack Obama is he or isn't he?
Rep. Joe Negron Will replace Foley
Bush Calls Kenneth Blackwell a NUT
Since when is this illegal?
The Funny Thing About ip addresses
Good news for Republicans in Iowa
Keeping an Eye On Indiana
End of A Revolution: Washington Scandals
James Baker on the Daily Show
Is it as Grim for the GOP as MSNBC Asserts?
Has anyone seen Jesus Camp?
This is creepy...Blackwell touring with
Mark Warner announced he will not run in 08
Rove & Bush Wanted Foley to stay
This isn't very nice!
Hard Day For Republicans
This one is for JohnH. Our resident Hero!
More GOP Investigated
US In Discussion On N. Korea????
Will Democrats have a shot at the Senate?
The Worst Congress EVER
"Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers"
Special To John from Marie
Are you a capitalist or a socialist?
Bush Sets up Timeline for Iraq
Hastert Wants Out of the Foley Hotseat
Life is a celebration
200 Active Duty Troops Have said......
Here's The Scoop On Republican Races 06 Supports Webb in Virginia
6 Senate Seats Now lean Democrat
t's still the Iraq War
"Call me"
Judge Rules Against Libby
Video: Rep. Ford at JJ Dinner
Strawberries or Blueberries?
Richard Perle is back!
Huffington post Exit Polls
Are there some sore loosers here or what?
What do you think of ........
athletic shoe life expectancy
How Will 2006 Affect 2008?
Do you think the sound of
Pelosi takes a pass on Hastings
Senator Bayh to Make a Run for the Whitehouse
Iraq Council Report
Senator or Governor in 08?
Merry Christmas!
Edward's Announces A Little Bit Early
Jim Hightower at the Fighting Bob Festivle 06
President Ford's Views On the Iraq War
Somali troops enter Mogadishu to cheers
Troop Surge, good or bad? depends?
Fuel Cell Vehicle Available in 2018
Public Domain Books Recordings...
New Year's Advice For President Bush
Shalit's release is hopeful
Another One Bites The Dust
GM Unveils Their Hybrid Car
House Passes Anti-Terror Bill
Reisisting The Urge To Surge
Ted & Arnold and Universal Healthcare
Is there sex in heaven?
What kind of 60's person are you?
2008 presidential candidate matchmaker
Flame Warriors
Who's Paying Attention To Detroit?
Rollar Coaster Week.....
Chuck Hagel Is On Fire!!!!!
Warning: Beware The Toilet In Japan
Sununu breaks track record.......
Radio Host Michael Savage Joins Al Franken
How 12 Billion Dollars Vanished in Iraq
Dixie Chicks Up For Album of the YEAR
The Arts + Social Commentary 101
Our Troops are not political chew toys
Newly Discovered Anne Frank: Otto's letters
Would Federalism work in Iraq?
GOP Losing Ground Over Iraq
Right Wing Organization We Need To Watch
GOP Donor Up On Terrorist Aid Charges
Clinton Urges Iraq Pullout begin in 90 days
Hate Site by Conservatives
Palestinian and Israeli Radio Connection
Rock on Al
Little Birds
The uncounted American casualities in Iraq
Rice Like Obama
What's going on in the stock market?
Bus Accident
The End of The Conservative Movement
What no Libby verdict discussion?
Conservatives answer this.......
Oh cool Fox Sports....
Will America take up the Gates challenge?
Pelosi to make anouncement later today
Bush tours Latin America
Coulter Braces For The Storm.........maybe
I'm breaking the rules!
What's with these vets attacking vets?????
powersteps and athletic shoes
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Kirsten Powers blog....just love it!
The Turkish Army Is In Northern Iraq
Can someone please convince me......
You have the right to know............
Intel Users Less Intelligent Than AMD
Dare I mention the "D" word?
Epiphany of the Real "Flip Flopper"
How can the Republican party recover?????
American Freedom Agenda
Why does Muqtada al-Sadr hate us?
The Middle Class Opportunity Act of 2007
RNC Doesn't Trust Rove Either
Why is Bush always the last to know????
Saturday a Violent Day In Iraq
Virginia Tech Tragedy
So The French Knew
Iraq Mess Worsens
Airforce fills boots on the ground!
They will be able to recover the emails
The trade issue
Child Bride
Marines In The Garden of Eden
NRA Backs McCarthy / Dingell Bill
Ending the brainwashing of children in Africa
Tobias May Have Company In DC Scandal
Jobless rate rises
I think the Republican candidates will......
Sort Term Funding of War
This is interesting.... Unleashes 3 new Ads
Anyone else having this problem here? ScottR?
Cheney on the DC Madame's list of clients?
Wolfowitz Out Over Overpaying His MISTRESS
Green Day: "Working Class Hero"
ABC shares COVERT plan for Iran and today....
We're not the only ones with high gas prices!
How is humanity doing?
So what are we going for in Iraq?
US Arab, Jewish Communities Share Peace Goals
Israel Shows Interest in Syria's Peace Ideas
Are you ready to make the sacrafice?
U.S. officials back off Iraq progress report
Jailhouse swinging door for Paris
New Yorkers dominate 08
June 20, World Refugee Day
Coal to Liquid
Hmmmm...Cheney Subpoenaed????
Thank you Senator Lugar!
Creating Synthetic Forms of Life
Iraq strategy geared to U.S. pullout
DC Madame to release records
Following the money.......
Iran Slows Uranium Enrichment
Pope Benedict XVI Does It Again
Senate GOP Blocks Longer Leaves For Troops
Al-Qaeda Present but Not Accounted For
Conservatives ok With Degradation of Women
Ron Paul Warns of Staged Terror Attack
Hillary, Edwards & Obama on Iran
Michael Vick
KBR exec pleads guilty.........
Bush at record low approval rate 25%
U.S., Iraq & Iran Security Plan
Goodell tells Vick to stay home!
The Housing Slump will last at least a year
Was Pat Tillman murdered?
U.S. Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia???Huh?
GOP Vote Caging, Gonzales and Fired Attornies
Adultry May be the Republican Value for 08
Democratic Led House Toughens Ethics Rules
Britain Will Take Troops Out Of Iraq
Republicans Lose Ground With Rural Voters
Israel Gets a New Arms Deal......30 bil
Time for some fun 08 fun........Who are you?
Are 08 Republican Candidates Youtube Weenies?
Our aging infrastructure...........
Children of politicians
I still don't get the Giuliani wave........
Coming Full Circle & Healing Differences
Natural highs that make you smile........
Recipe Websites etc........
11 Google Easter Eggs
VoteMatch Quiz
Are you a flip-flopper?
Who is editing Wikipedia?
Kid gives Vick ball to his dog..........
What kind of soul are you? Yes another test.
Gratitude List
Ruptured Plantar
How would you handle this?
New treatment for PF
Arthritis & Mediterranian Diets
The iPhone anyone?
What no Alan Greenspan discussion?????
Anyone got a good joke?
This was a hard online test...........
johnh need your opinion on new aircraft?
Who do you look like?????
Clinton Picks Up Bayh Endorsement
Comfort Your Feet: Footware Suggestions
This is not ok...........
Oil seems to be............
Your personality by Design
Why Is US Grad School Mainly Non-US Students?
What's going on in Alaska?
Would it be better to...........
Cotton = Whitegold
Happy Birthday John Lennon
What the general said.......
Putin + Ahmadinejad= ?
Alive In Baghdad
Colbert In Brownback Out
So one cat said "my ear is..............
How's your stock?
Who do we side with?????
World's Smallest Political Quiz
Ice ice baby in Iraq
What art movement are you?
Who wants to play???
Do you want to star in a movie????
How the Iowa Caucus works..........
What the Iowa statistics predict????
New Hampshire Primary
Why have Republicans gotten so nasty lately?
itchy arches
Romney's "Victory of Optimism"
Here's something new and creative.........
Frozen at Grand Central Station
Bush approval rating............19%
McCain's Back Page Problem
What are the Centrists up to?
McCain Continues a Decent Campaign!
Is it or isn't it????
GOP Campaign Money Missing
McCain Revealed
Bear Sterns
USA Loses #1 Spot Due To Economic Issues
Is Massachusetts a health care success????
Mother of the year!
Will this be a problem for McCain?
Obama's Speech on Race Most viewed video
How Youtube has changed the politics of 2008!
What's going on? GOP struggling????
Ohio voters in trouble?
First it was Cheney and now it's Bush
Adobe Photoshop Express Free Beta Version
Did anyone watch CNNMoney......
To each troop his own..........
Turning the Pages
Factory Farming???
A little comic relief!
Check out the Earthquake map
"The Vietnam Syndrome"
Obama over Clinton by 7 votes
Heelspurs Republicans in the 17% Category
McCain and his Bush Factor
This one makes ya think.......
HBO - Recount
Who is John McCain?
One step closer...........
Fight the Smears
Honda's New Fuel Cell Car
Chembots........what will they think of next?
Will Obama's Veep be a Republican???
Red State going Blue?
Is it a turtle out of it's shell?
Pickens on Obama's Energy Speech
USA comes in LAST place
Truth or dare? Fact vs Fiction for GOP veep
Prime Minister Brown Praises Obama
The Russian Factor
OK here we go in caging?
polls, polls and more polls
Best line today............
Why McCain will not win the Rust Belt in 08
It's official.............!
Ohio unemployment rate 7.4 and climbing
Biden's list is impressive!
polls, polls and even more polls
Hung Jury in Cat Killer Trial
presidential tracking site
McCain pulls out of Michigan..............
Democrats in Canada may tip election
More Bank Failures In Our Future
Matt Roloff in Iraq
The Ohio Factor
Peers NOT Profs influence Student Views
Ohio rules in favor of voters!
Nice pic from today!
Colin Powell :) :) :)
Recession in full swing in 27 states
Real heros of the McCain Campaign
Arizona is PINK on CNN
Palin the scapegoat????
Dancing in the streets!!!!!! OH yeah!!!
Republican Party and a new vision
GM may go under?????
57 Senate seats and counting..........
Ben Stein: "Reflate the Economy"
Riding along in my automoble.........
Recession began in December 2007
Obama's team
Is this going a bit far????
Franken or Coleman????
Thank you Canada!
Good News Thread
Senator Franken.............bulleya
Merry Christmas Politicos!
Sharp Pain
Predictions for 2009
Powell endorses Obama service initiative
Stimulus Package
Congress has a message for you on Youtube
Born Again American
What are they thinking?????
The Stimulus Package and Education/Schools
Congrats RNC
Is Donald Trump right?
War Dance the Movie
Not so smart
Dr. DSW & Scottr
Romney wins CPAC straw poll
Troops vs Machines
How will we know when we hit bottom?
Hope I don't jinx it but.........
Does anyone HULU?
Recession could end this year if...........
Hey good news for car owners!
Good news on the economy continues......
Nice Tata and only 2000.00 ea. !!!!
Where or where has Afghnastan gone?
Krugman vs Geithner
Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes
Obama Wows the G20
GOP it working?
When will banks begin to make loans....?
How many more college shootings do we need
Surviving the economy.....
Totally random
New Way To Create Stem Cells
Spector, McCain and Coleman
It's working.....
Obama's Health Care Plan!!!! HURRAY!!!!
Bible Quotes will be dropped
UAW and GM spat it out over imports
The bank roll for Al-Qaeda Bin Alwan arrested
Netanyahu Agrees to Palestinian State
Moussavi Green Wave
Unfaithful Politicians
Franken wins!!!
Sarah Palin???
North Korea Cyber Attack ?
Now we get it!
Is this necessary?
Summary of the Healthcare Reform Act
Anyone watching CITI?
Top 1.2% wealthy would pay health surcharge
RNC Steele doesn't know........
RNC list of Accomplishments in the past 6 mos
7 in 10 Americans want Healthcare Reform
I wish I had a clunker!
Does high cost = guarantee
Who wants to make $5800.00 an hour?
Pharmaceuticals are on board
Food banks include pets
Thank you President Obama
This Makes A Great Deal of Sense
Text of Obama's Healthcare Town Hall
Chevy Volt to Get 230 MPG
Finding Truth In Healthcare Reform
Dang Les Paul passed away!
Should Michael Vick be in the NFL?
80% Unemployment here in the USA
It has started............
Cash for Clunkers Hailed A Great Success
Swine Flu and we're off............
I'm a little Irish
AARP Poll finds 86% americans believe .......
Alrighty Ford!
Tort Reform, Triggers and Myths
Why so quiet Republicans?
Times they are a changin'.........
Smart Russian Pooches
Consumer Spending is UP!
Joe Wilson?
It's not easy.......
Greenspan Spot On
Service Industry GROWS.....
Gotta love this one...........
Kooky Left and the Wacky Right?
Moon bombing.......
Financial News Remains Positive
Health Care Reform is going to happen!
Has anyone ever used Pediflex Brand Slippers?