martic's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Robin about those Birks?
Robin low carb?
Re: Lori in AZ
What is Sam-E?
High Arches?
How long does it take????????
Thanks Robin
Re: venting re: Steve
Linda let us know please!
RE: Linda H
I disagree with you
What A Difference The Shoes Can Make!!!! long
Re: Sally
Re: I agree Elise!
Re Alan and Robin
Does anyone know of a book?????
How is the diet Nancy S and Elise???????????
Re: alan/cant find it
Re: alan/ found it/another question???
Need advice, please.
Birks from Germany
Re: Laurie/ aircast
Re: PF/Knee painRe:MikeW
?? for alan/pilates
Dont try this one!
Sorry, didnt make myself clear