mcurnett's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Second surgery Scheduled?
Hey Geri, where you been?
Boards attached to feet!
Can you believe this!
Oh, they're like Crocs!
Over Did It - Do Not Recommend
Please take a look at my previous post?
Family to Understand????
Pain Management??
How is everybody doing?
Incision sites - 6 weeks post op
We're all here! - Re: I dunno what to do
Social Security Disability?
James - Is today better?
James - How are you?
Laurie C - How are you doing?
James E - where did you go?
Toes feel dead???
Support Group for Chronic Pain?
To All of You Wonderful Mothers..........
Stopped pain meds-cold turkey?????
Stopped using pain meds cold turkey - UPDATE
Chronic pain in feet - last resort?
Spinal Cord Stimulator - ????
Just wanted to say HI!!
Linda & Kelly
Linda & Kelly
Fourth of July!
Kelly & Linda