megs's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Cramps in foot please please help!
This is long but I need help.
Red Scooters Rock - thanks for the advice
TTS, capsilitis and treatment - Please Help
TTS, leg cramps and Mentax
TTS, leg cramps and Mentax
TTS and Fusion of joints
TTS and Foot Fusion
Will ESWT work for osteoarthritis?
Dr. Z - You were right
Surgery tomorrow
Update on Surgery
Walked for the first time in 9 weeks
I'm off to work
enough is enough
kconnell - when is your surgery?
Update on Fred
Success of bone growth stimulation
Sad night
No news until next week
Shoes to wear on concrete after fusion
Fred the Foot update
Happy Holidays and Healing thoughts
The best present ever - no more cast!!
Happiness is hope for a New Year
Thank you Jeremy
Kate - Best wishes on Monday!!
It is a beautiful snowy night
Dr. Ed, do you have cabin fever yet?
Kathy G - hope you have electricity
Best Wishes Karen!
Make time to read
Kathy G - is it Grandmother day?
Ups and downs in life
Made it to Orlando !!
Up date and unbelievable tale
broken bone in foot??