messedupfoot's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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new diagnosis to add to PF and TTS
lymphedema and a nerve impingement question
question for Dr. Z
help with talking points please!
need advice before ortho appointment.
Drs please weigh in - is this possible?
Dr Davis is a genius!
need some moral support!
Wow-this site suddenly got very interesting.
OK - Here's a new one for you
a question about nerve impingement
myofascial release - PT technique
the good times keep on rolling!
nerve surgery was interesting
Hi -me again with a new foot issue.
good foot's gone bad
post op numbness
how long before I worry?
no joke - my ankle is green - why?
getting miffed - surgeon doesn't call back
more fun with TTS
yet more questions
EMG/NCV tests are back - Dr. Z & Dr Davis
Surgery #6 in 18 months is scheduled
Can orthotics cause knee problems?
OK my turn for support!
successful surgery
back to work tomorrow - 7 days post op
more arch support?
post partial plantar fasciectomy pain