mohez's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Coming out of the closet
Re: furthur comments
PF and Prednisone
Re: What I have tried.
orthotics with metarsal rises
Re.Left or right
To Trish
right first, pf in both, right is worse
TO: Doc Simon
Message for Dr. Simon in Alberta
suzi did you have the ossatron done?
To: Scott re Dr. Simon in Alberta
Mohez's great Ossatron adventure
Mohez's great ossatron adventure
Just had the Ossatron done
Message for Dan w
Ossatron and Supplements
Questions re Vit C
Re: Removal of Canadian machines
Re: Dan re: ossatron
Ossatron week 2-right heel
Ossatron - left heel
Mohez's great ossatron adventure
Message for Phil l
Ossabat ?
Mohez's free treatments
There you go Alan -- Martha to the rescue !
NBA player getting ossatron ?
Re: NBA player wasting his? Bonus money
Message to LeeH
Thank you very much for your support Robin
Message for Michael S re: ART
Treatments for athletes
Second Ossatron
Personal Foot Trainer
Dr. Zuckerman's enquiries
Mohez's 11 eswt treatments
Deja Vu - oh oh I am back - not good
Sunny Jacobs clinic in Toronto