mollyh's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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3 weeks post ESWT and a question
Question for Dr. Z
4 Weeks post ESWT and need advice!
To SteveG
Riding a bike outside
5 Weeks Post ESWT
Question on contrast baths
Dansko Shoes
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To SteveG
15 weeks post ESWT and need advice!
Question for Dr. Z and Dr. Ed
Doc Martens
4 1/2 months post ESWT
CPED in Northern Colorado??
2nd ESWT treatment on 11-05-03
ESWT TODAY 11-5-03
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Gloucosomine and MSM ok after ESWT???
Brooks Trance NXS
6 weeks post 2nd ESWT and a ?
Helle Comfort by Romu's (shoes)
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Almost 8 weeks post 2nd ESWT
ALMOST CURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!