monte's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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heel pain
TTS or PF or Both?
Elliott...Why not a standing EMG?
Movie stars or famous athletes
How about a regimen trial?
Can I make a suggestion
Shoe question
Another test?
ESWT Feb 5th
Just got home from 1st ESWT
Had ny 1st ESWT Treatment
Pins and needles
Another site to view...
4 weeks post ESWT
Dr Z e-mail
Sore today
Who else has non conventional PF symptoms?
New orthotics
Athletic tape for sale
Post ESWT Question
Some good stories - Encouragement
New Pain
Standing Question
Richard, C.Ped
is Nancy S still here?
Insurances that pay for ESWT
I MUST post this...I got some relief
Dr. Z.....Another treatment...please
Can we all try this......
Had RFL Today!!!
This is just a Thank You note:
RFL - Again
RFL - November 6th
RFL - November 6th
New pain question
RFL again
Shoe Question
Does anyone share this symptom?
Having Cryo Treatment Today
Had Cryo Today
Had More Cryo
More Cryo
Pain Relief
Graston - DavidW
Have anyone heard from Michael
Another Round of Cryo
Heel Lump Removed