muf's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Monica - are you still out there?
yet a new situation with TTS
walking well in shoes but....
took a one mile walk today!!!!!
OK - not about TTS but vaguely related
Yup - I was right. Tendons are torn/tearing
tomorrow's the day
surgery went well
I have too much time on my hands
why is my second toe curling under?
Failed Brostrom repair of ATFL and CFL
More surgery - with nerve wrap
Dr. Wander
Recurrent peroneal tendon subluxation
Need some cheering up
back into a cast I go - but not for TT
3rd try to fix peroneal tendons is this week
bearing weight again -ouch!
constant ache
I get to have both TT re-released
Anyone have Lyrica suddenly stop working?
Doubled my Lyrica
Maria M - good luck!
Over did it or neuropathy is worse- or both?
Surgery #9 will be this year - ugh!
Just waiting for a surgery date
Kconnell where are you?
To all of you