pams's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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ankle pain
Studies on long term relief from TTS surgery
short message to Sharon
short message to Sharon
A question about exercise and TTS
A question about exercise and TTS
question about TTS and MRI results
Why are my feet hurting if I SWAM today
Need to find out about Neurontin Cream
A question for Carmen if she is around!!!!
Thanks Sharon!!!
Hey there, i am home from CA
To Mar re:myofascial release
Thx Marie and Necee
To Sharon and Kathy
To Mar: another web site for MFR
question about TTS return after surgery
Hi ya'll .... I need some help
To Dorothy, Kristie and others....
24 hr. ionto patch?
24 hr. ionto patch
To Dr. Davis
To Shell
I am so confused
question for Julie
My New Years Message
To Suzanne and Kathy G and everyone else
Where to find aqua joggger?
To Aly, Steve and Annette
Thx for your help, Julie
Blood Type Diet
floor mats for Mexican tile in kitchen
To Shell
To Shell
morten's neuromas