patm's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Reference to first posting
I get the message
stretching & more questions
Re: additionally
Ankle sprains/kind of a klutz
Just need some input
pf - no heel spur?
Appt. today
My Pod Visit
Heel feeling better but...
Knew it couldn't last
What a week!!!
First night (first night spling)
Gotta do something...
Ankle hurts a bunch...
Miracle of miracles (not)
Vioxx and Doctors
Difference between POD and Ortho???
Ortho appt.
Wish me luck. PLEASE!!!
I'm psyched
42 and crutching it
Nancy: Re: 42 and crutching it
Wendy Re: It hurts
Karen Re: 42 and crutching it
I'm ready, maybe, sort of...
One whole week without wimping out!!!!!
Surgery update - ouch! and HELP!
Better Today
New Question about my surgery..of course!
5 wk post op question
Been a long time!!
one foot longer than the other