peterf's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Does anybody know a success story?
Do orthotics stretch the PF?
ultrasound normal
night splints in UK
why does breaking in orthotics hurt?
ESWT booked but getting better
eswt helped heel pain but still arch pain
How ESWT feels
pain from slip of fascia at base of toe!
eswt for other areas of the foot
eswt needed all over heel
left foot better
Pain base proximal phalange on walking
Happier without orthotics
nearly arrested in Pompeii
plantar fasciitis at base of toes
Special pedals for cycling with PF??
PF pain base of 5th metatarsals
plantar fibromatosis under the toes??
plantar fibromatosis under the toes??
can get better