raleigh's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Anyone with ball of foot pf?
Re: Volunteers? I'll try it
Re: Nutrition vs. Pain
To "Scar-Tissue" Connie
Re: Hey! Send on the ideas!! Thanks!.
Re: You said it!
Ibuprofin: is it a pain masking agent, too?
Re: DMSO/MSM- Thanks for the warning!!!
To GORDON- re Atkins Diet and inflammation
Re: Congrats on the run!
Re: Yeast
Re: Brad- please stop running for a bit!
To BRAD (heel pain moved to back of heel)
Re: Parasites??
Re: Domino Effect- that's what I thought!
Re: Hay, HorseLady!
Re: Watch Gordon's posts on nutrition
To Jake: Diet, Nutrition and PF by Carol E.
Re: Isn't it fun?? nm
Count me in!
To: Gordon and Carol E re study
What about going barefoot?
Acupuncture, Magnets- opinion
Hey there! Got my attention :)
Medicine is an art, not an exact science...
To Per in Denmark (and other tapers)
Hang in there! Good job, Lee :)
Sorry to hear!
Glucosamine is a component of cartilage...
Way to go, Lee!
Metatarsal soreness
Give these treatments a chance to work!
"Welcome" aboard the Pain Train
Anyone tried MSM?
Plantar fibromatosis?
Both with socks and without. nm
Grouchy gut and PF pain correlation- YES!
Sorry, but Welcome Aboard the Pain Train
We all sympathize, "New Lee"!
Sorry! Didn't mean to nag...
Stretch in bed before you get up...
To Sue from Raleigh- magnets!
Meetings with no coffee
caffeine and cysts
Stretching etc. ideas
Wow! Thanks for the input!
Sounds like this might be it?
Good luck to you, Scott!
Pancreatin, Bromelian and Carbohydrates??
Digestion and pain correlation- why??
Blood toxins- an interesting connection??
To CAROL E (blood toxins, founder, and PF)
To Sarah