sandraz's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Newcomers, take heart!
Pain on outside edge of heel
Ossatron Questions for John G.
To Diane R re rotator cuff tear
Beware therapists who don't watch you walk!
Re: Cast advice
get a new doctor!
back problems can cause PF
New Supplement Sam-e
It's available in Wisconsin
I feel your pain!
Re: a contrary opinion
Re: adoption
The cast helped me!
you need to stretch gently!
Mephisto golf shoes
Go slower than you want to!
Right foot
Right foot - right-handed
Re: Your back surgery
One shot can be a cure, for some people
elliptical trainers
Yes BUT...
Numb toe could be result of back problem
Anybody rollerblade?
Wear OTC arch supports inside water shoes
Try rollerblading!
To David and Janet re rollerblading
Try non-weight bearing stretching only
"Pump Pals" for ladies' dress shoes
SAM-e helped more
Goodbye! What cured me (long)
Casting helped me!
triple arthrodesis