scott's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Strassburg Sock?
3rd test
test - where
Chat room was removed - few came
Re: Second Epf
Why so many women here?
Address and keeping track of funds
subscription fees
All money sent must be considered a GIFT
On second thought - Subscription Fees
Why a GIFT?
Yes, it's possible, to both questions
I tried Delphi, and advertising....
Explaning new board
just bookmark or add to favorites this page
Ossotron is ...
Ossatron will provide info...
Just Testing
Testing Again
Testing Again
Stair Stepping is bad. Use bicycle.
I'm still big on Vitamins
Overweight contributes to heel pain
another Ossatron (Canada) patient posts
Surgery Repost
Birkenstock Repost
Another Birkenstock Repost
More Surgery Reposts
Fat Pad Atrophy Repost
More Birkenstock Reposts
Glucosamin and Chondroitin sulfate Reposts
Acupuncture Repost
Orthotics Repost
Testing new design
Testing new design
I wouldn't jump into OssaTron
I hope not!
vitamin c and bladder
vitamin c, wounds, kidney
OssaTron "double blind"
new vitamin comments for page
oops-typo, factual=>skeptical
No messages have disappeared
It has to do with the URL you're using
Testing new message board
Email scott r if there are board problems
Check your URL
Dornier Lithotripsy (OssaTron Competitor)
95% after how long?
That's funny...
If you know you over-pronate, Birks are good
Missing messages problem solved
$600 for EPF in Montgomery, AL, Dr. Fletcher
I wouldn't jump back so quick into activity
Anybody else having messages not post?
lithotripsy journal articles
New anti-inflammation supplements work
Don't email this person
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)
EPF post from a Dr.
C is nearly as safe as water.
Plain C is good
use overhead while sitting in chair.
he's trying to sell you something
Renee . . .
stress causes PF because....
Missing Messages
Who is Scott?
archiving in progress - READ THIS
Video for Taping
Video of Taping - I Need Your Help
Staying off the feet for weeks
test gets noticed
Vitamin C successes
New taping pictures in main document
Vitamin C Question Answered
Ossatron Study Info
fibromyalgia supplements
New Theory
PF can cause bursitis
DMSO to carry ibuprofen through skin
Arthritis is a common cause of heel pain
DMSO to carry ibuprofen through skin
low-carb diets
Massaging frequently cured my tendonitis
yes, absolutely no sugar
Ibuprofen Cream
help for
Left or Right foot?
Left or Right foot - New question
Left Foot Results as of Trish's message
Possible causes of left-footitis
First step: Right or left
Do bromelain and pancreatic enzymes work?
Does Ibuprofen Cream Help?
Carpal Tunnel and PF
Are Birks OK on pavement?
2 new methods
Nicki - sounds like arthritis
Birk advertisement
Birkenstock and similar brand success rate?
Birks not very impressive so far
Birks rank very low
Dr. Simon on Ossatron and Surgery
Who doesn't like birkenstocks?
Comments on ibuprofen cream
New Design of
Morton's Neuroma
5 people have reported problems
Pancreatin for Inflammation
The pancreatin Link
An Idea for morning pain
Does the Strassburg Sock work?
theories on how magnets work
pain up back of leg: sciatic nerve problems?
Answering Questions
just testing
Thanks, Sally
Burning/tingling or dull pain? NEW SURVEY
You know you have PF when ...
john PF and Tarsal Tunnel surgery picture
Glitch fixed.
You know you have PF when ....
powwow doesn't work for conferencing
Alternative to expensive Birks
1st response to new thread
test top again.
test top agin
test 1st follow up
Reply to oops
Test top of thread
1st reply to top of thread
Test top of thread
1st reply
2nd reply
Test top of thread
Test top of thread
1st reply
2nd reply
3rd reply
Update - One Month Post-Op
What's It Like Wearing Shoes Post-Surgery?
60 Days Post Op
Opinions on high tech visco elastic compound
Pain begun again after 3!!
Four Months Post-Op and Counting
In Chicago on Wednesday 16th
It's Been One Year Since Surgery...
Birkenstock web site
birk (gieza)
birk (gieza)
Back in Cast
really sore feet
Walking on cast!
jones fracture update
oregon or cal doctor
jones fracture
neurotin cream
Orthotics for TTS
neurotin cream
running shoe?
new medical device
Dellon and DN
hyperbaric oxygen
jones fracture again
looking for friends
looking for friends
Lesser metatarsal osteotomy
Morton's neuroma complications
Dr Ed
very concerned about nueroma
Trouble finding shoes for new orthodics
continue pain and burning
shoe manufacture for Neuroma and neuropathy
Heel Pain Gone