stephanies's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Hi! everyone...alan.k,barb,salina,etc.
Re: Salina
Went to the Dr. today
Re: Morning after the shot
Re: Kim B.
Re: Laurie R.
Re: Laurie R. (pity party)
Re: Question? Anyone
Question for Scott R.
Got a new PF joke for ya!!
My heels were glowing!!
Bone Scan Results
RE: Two nightsplints.
Re: Difference in PF and heelspurs...Lori R.
Shot in heel...John H.
What is it with the vacations???
There is hope...
Chatting / Chat Room
Whoo-Hoo..Go BAMA!!!
So John...
Camp Nancy
John, Nen and Judy...
Still thinking about me are you John. H? :)
Dear John H :)
5 months PostOp