sueb's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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What's a ProStretch?
I think stationary bike irritates my PF
Does Superfeet have more than one orthotic?
Nightsplints from Biodex
My sentiments exactly!
How to diagnose PF?
What's a "recumbent" bike?
Thank you both for the explanations
How high are the heels you wear?
How often for acupuncture treatments?
Prostretch also in Saunders Catalog
Thanks for the info.
Night Splints from Biodex Catalog
My symptoms are similar
Very interesting
Not everyone likes Birkenstocks
I had Nerve Conduction Study and EMG
My thoughts exactly
Question for John G. at Ossatron
Dr. Leahy
Interested in more info
I had ART
More on ART
My ankle pain was not TTS
I agree. I prefer the message board.
How much Bromelain? Robin or anyone?
Amount of Bromelain to take?
Website explains ART
Sorry, just reread your post
What hardware do you do need?
Nightsplints at $45.00
The Strassburg Sock
Question for Simon P
Thanks for telling us about the article
Another Night Splint Price
How to do the foot massage?
could you explain more?
Robin B.--How did your PF improve?
Thanks for your answer
Yes, they help me
Lee M--The $3 foot roller cured you?
I've been to Dr. Leahy in Los Gatos
Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory
Exercise bike makes my feet and legs tingle
Answer to Alan's question
Who was your doctor?
Bought my night splints at Biodex
Robin--Bromelain on empty stomach?
plantar fascitis - help!!!
Ossa Tron