tammie's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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What is I believe it is tarpal?
I have done 2 cortisone now
Surgery Tomorrow,
I made it!
Post op day 2
Question for the Dr.?
I feel miffed!
Thanks for asking Brian/I dont know how it is
I just got my new orthotic
Post op 10day visit
is what I am feeling normal/2 week post op?
do u think this is the norm/2 week post op?
Val where are u are u OK?
I will bite the bullet and try calling
Help is anyone up still?
LaurieR and Val How are U?????????
How are u Val?
Heh Brian
Here I am again
How long?
Tomorrow is a new day,
My 6 week post op
Hi and it is 3 am in the morning
Hi Mary
MaryS Hello you sound upset on Dr. board
Mary PLEASE call your dr. !
I feel ashamed
Mary ,How did it go?
At what point?
Hi everyone
is this norm to ?
I tryed on NB shoes today and
Ok here is my updated 10 week visit!
can you help me to explain?
Mary How are you?
Laurie,Your pictures are lovely!
I am wondering if?
Where are the night owls tonight?
Was nice talking
My it sure is quiet thease days,
Tracey G , I have a reply to your ?
Laurie r,
Laurie r and my friends,
another virus came today
Is this possible?
What is tibial neuritis?
Seen the pod today
Lol I made it again
Oh ladies I enjoyed the chat tonight
I need advice again,
I am sorry for the quick exit tonight
Oh yes Good morning
Oh yes to Wendyn and Laurie,
Hello to all and many thanks!
ouch please can u help?
feeling almost human again
Tony o
How soon should you know
Good Luck Laurie
If you remember Mary S please read
Tomorrow will be surgery
Thanks I cheated lol
Wendyn and Nancyn
Thanks wonderful friends!
Can you tell me what to expect next?
Feeling much better
As I sit here in the quiet of the night,
having trouble with swelling
I am feeling positive
Gee I miss
Good Morning
Dr. Davis, they are so cuteeeee
Suzanne, I already had those to lol
Psssssssssss I have a secret to tell
can anyone answer this ?
I am on my way to work,for good or bad
Maureen is doing well
Spasams in feet?
A sort of update and a thank u
Wendyn Thank u
It is about time, some good news
Laurie and Carmen
could u explain please I need help
A Heartfelt apology to some dear friends
A General but always from the Heart reply
Happy Holidays to all
sleeping on tummy?Can it be bad for pf?
Welcome home Elliott
Seen a new dr. today
oops sorry
stayed home today
Elliott Help me find
My dearest Elliott,
Seen primary today
Please does RSD mean it is in my head?
how to u dx this rsd stuff?
I will keep this short but TY
Please STOP And Elliott DONT LEAVE
Ron? Did you see Dr. YU?
Question Dr.?
Carole?Site did not work? Or I did it wrong
Have you ever felt,
I am thinking about you Ron B
Ron B How are you?
Good Morning have a wonderful day!
Betula Birk? R they any good?
Betula anyone know?
Val, sorry
coffee break and a bit of catching up time!
Ron B how are you?(eom)
Lost father
Linda A where are you and how are u?(EOM)
Home at last
Janet,Brian , Laurie, others that have helped
Carmen how do your feet feel?
I made it thru the EMG
Tomorrow The MRI
Can you all stand a good laugh?
what can they find out from a MRI
HI Linda!
Welcome Back Elliott
Friends , Lauire esp. Janet and Necee
Good Morning
A friend called /
Laurie, and all of my friends,
Hello to my dear friends,
Laurie, I need your email address
TTS Surgery
I like to say that
Dr.Z ? FOR U and a thank u
Brian,name of that support group
removing splint too soon after surgery
removing splint too soon after surgery
Hi all
Had the surgery.
staples out
Hi was thinking of our friends
Suzanne?Son needs a Dr,Near EKU? KY
Hi so good to see you all HAPPY
Happy Holidays& Update
Brian or anyone
Debbie G
Hi my dear friends
along time,
problematic feet CAN ANY ONE PlEASE HELP:
Hi,remember me?
need help finding Dr. Ohio